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At Flavor Candles we have the worlds best custom craft candles. Our candles are made from the best material in the world. Our customers express there satisfaction weekly and monthly with every new order, it's always, " My family loves your candles, my friends loves your candles".

At Flavor Candles we like to make our candles stand out among the rest.

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Pina Colada Fragrance - Like a Tahitian Breeze, this scent features the sweet, wonderful smell of coconut and rum accented by fruity banana and a touch of vanilla.

Cinnamon and Spice - Smells like fall.

Cranberry - The Holiday candle

Pumpkin Pie - The Thanksgiving candle

White Chocolate and Hazel - Decadent scent.

Plumeria - Muguet, soft carnation, powdery, and musk flower.

Rose Passion - Dark roses sweet floral musks.

Lemongrass - Smells like the country.

Lavender - Smells like flowers in the spring.

Citronella - The mosquito candle to keep away from mosquitos

Baby Power - Pure and relaxing smell.

Mulberry - Sweet and tart fragrance

Blackberry Sage - Tart blackberry with hints of sage

Almond Creme - it is almond creme sweet candy coated vanilla almond.

Cucumber Melon - Crip cucumber and green melon
 and orange musk.

French Vanilla - Sweet buttery vanilla flavor.

Pound Cake - Smell like mom pound cake.

Yuzu Fruit - Grape fruit, mandarin, musk, bergamot

Gardenia - Rich diffusive and strong.

Slices of Fruit - Raspberries, peaches, strawberry, cherry, orange, grapfruit flavors.

Jasmine - Jasmine and roses combined.

Island Getaway - fruity flavors of jamaica.

Pomegrante - warm , sweet, and fruity

Holiday Home Coming -The christmas candle mix with pine, butter,

Apple Orchard - Smell like a apple orchard is a ripe

Hershey Milk Chocolate - Cream and milk chocolate flavor that smell like hershey candy bar.

Vanilla - Original flavor candle that is roasted.

Strawberry - Sweet strawberry mixed with tart and vanilla.

Holiday Home Coming - Welcome all the holidays 

Sandalwood - Combination of sandalwood and cedarwood.

Green Tea - Green tea, jasmine, rose.

Mocha Chino - Milk Chocolate, Whipping cream, coffee.

Orange Creamsickle - Orange and vanilla combine.

Rain - Citrus and flower combine.

Butter Pecan - Smell like ice cream with a nutty flavor.

Amaretlo Apple Crip - Aromalic desert.

Cabernet - the love candle

Carmel Apple - fresh tart green apple drizzled with a rich caramel tofee fragrance

lilac - spring flowers that smell like a bouquet of dew agrance

Rain - smells like a fresh shower when you light it up
Egg Nog - the holiday favorite

Citrus and Sage - citrus and sage fragrance eucalyptus and lavender combine with fresh citrus

Citronella - the mosquito candle to keep away from mosquitos

Pomegrante - warm , sweet, and fruity

Candy Cane - holiday treat sweet and pepperminty

Mulberry - sweet and tart fragrance

Fruit Passion - passion fruit fragrance for lovers

Blackberry Sage - tart blackberry with hints of sage

Appleberry Spice - summer berries infused with light apple and spice

Pine Forest - smell of fresh pine

Holiday Fig and Spice - intoxicing holiday flavors mixed with spices
Vanilla Amber and Incense - great blend of white amber and licorice
Grandma Blueberry Cobbler - smell like grandma rose blueberry cobbler
Wine and  Roses - the valentine day candle of sweet wine and roses
Eucalyptus Spearmint - sweet smell of spearmint
Soiree - vanilla mix with lavender
Berry Cool - smells like smuckers jam
Waterlily Melon - florals and watermelon mix together
Meadowlark - aroma candle blends lilac, roses , bergamot, orange, coconut
Extreme - aroma candle blends apple, peach, jasmine, and vanilla
Black Amber and  Lavender - the elegant candle mix with parisian lavender, musk, grass,and sage
Hibiscus and White Amber - exotic fusion  of hibicus,jasmine,mango,amber,sandalwood
Red Papaya - summer candle mixed with peaches,white cedar,oranges,apples,musk
We have various flavors for the Lover In You. 
Exotic Candles as well. 
If you Don't see your Flavor We'll make it!
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  • Bath & Body supplies
  • Incense and  Body Oil

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